Legal Terms

The following purchase terms and conditions shall apply to the sales of products, carried out remotely by means of computer network on the website belonging to the company Gekoprint Srl, having its headquarters in Mestrino (PD) Italy, in via della Tecnica 1/A, 35035, VAT n. 04901080285.

The products purchased on the website are sold directly by Gekoprint Srl, which shall reserve the right to edit in any moment the above mentioned upon notice sent to the client via email.

Clicking the “I accept” button, the user accepts without limitations or reserves the mentioned purchase conditions and accepts, therefore, to read them thoroughly before confirming his/her orders. 

Commitments of the client

All the logos and the brands present inside the site shall be subject without limitations to copyright and to property right of the individual registered holders. Therefore, it is not allowed to duplicate graphics and texts in electronic or printed publications, without approval on behalf of the author.

In case of web pages of third parties, not falling within the responsibility of the author, it is here expressly stated that when the links were created, the pages to link did not contain illegal content. 

The user shall commit NOT to:

1) Use programmes or manual/automatic mechanisms to monitor or copy web pages of without written authorisation by Gekoprint Srl.

2)  use any mechanisms, software or procedure, which may interfere with the correct functioning of the website as well as of its transactions and/or overload it. 

Sales prices

Unless otherwise pointed out, the final prices shown shall be intended as including VAT. Each page relating to a product is provided on the top right with two boxes, called “Total Order” and “Quote”, where in real time, we calculate the various items, making up the final price.

The validity of the prices shall be always and only the one calculated by the procedure

The prices may vary without prior notice and the only correct price shall be intended as the one shown at the moment of the order confirmation on behalf of Gekoprint Srl.


Every payment of the buyer may be carried out by means of one of the methods shown in the appropriate section of the website

Any refunds shall be credited by means of one of the modes, suggested by Gekoprint Srl, to be chosen by the buyer and shall take place within 30 days at the latest from the date, Gekoprint Srl has become aware of it.  

The buyer shall be exclusively responsible for the selection of the contents and of the images to print, as well as the selection of the relating authorizations for their reproduction, where required.

Gekoprint Srl shall reserve the right in any case to block any order in clear violation of intellectual property rights of third parties or with violent and/or scandalous contents. 

Delivery time and modes

Dispatch is usually carried out within 48/72 hours in Europe, if the order (completed with payment and file) is placed within 10.00 a.m. of the day preceding delivery, excluding areas, difficult to reach, for which further working days may be necessary.

Dispatch time is usually mentioned during quote stage, together with any discounts, in case the user chooses to receive the product with a different timing, compared to standard shipment.

In no case, Gekoprint Srl shall be considered responsible in case of damages, further to a shipment delay.

As regards to shipment methods, visit the appropriate section, on the bottom of the homepage.

Responsibility of the users for uploaded contents

The users shall have the exclusive responsibility for the selection of the contents and of the images to print, besides for the acquisition of the relating authorizations for their reproduction, when required, for which the users shall be exclusively responsible. Gekoprint shall not verify the contents, if not relating to the technical specifications and to graphic compatibility with the specifications requested. Gekoprint shall not be considered responsible for the use of unauthorized images on behalf of the users and for any type of violation of existing rights of third parties.

Therefore, the user shall exempt Gekoprint, committing also to indemnify it and hold it harmless from any responsibility towards third parties, which may forward claims as to violations of intellectual property violations, damages to image, honour, decency, moral integration or, in any case, any damage to property and non-material damage, further to the print of the images and of the contents, uploaded by the same user.
Gekoprint shall reserve the right, in any case, to block any order, entailing a clear violation of the intellectual property rights of third parties or, in any case, the contents of which are scandalous, violent or in any other way, in contradiction with public order and decency. 

Check of the Uploaded Files

In case of non-compliance of the file sent, the order shall be halted. In such case, the user shall be informed via e-mail and invited to proceed again with uploading of a new file, with consequent shift of the delivery date. If the system does not detect any irregularities, the file will automatically pass to the production stage. 

Right of termination

The buyer has to right to terminate the contract, without pointing out the reasons, within 14 days. To respect the right of termination, it is sufficient to send a notice before expiry.

Further to the termination, you shall receive a refund of all the payments carried out (except for the additional costs deriving from the choice of a type of shipment, different from the less expensive one). Such refunds shall be carried out by using the same payment method selected, unless you have expressly requested other options.

Please send back the goods or deliver them to us without undue delays and, in any case, within 14 days from when you have informed us on your termination from this contract. The term shall be respected if you send back to us the goods, within the 14-day period. Return expenses of the products shall be borne by the buyer.

Exceptions to the Right of Termination

The Right of Termination for remote contracts and negotiated out of the business premises shall be excluded as regards to :

1)  contracts of services upon complete performance of the service, if the performance has started with explicit consent of the consumer and with acceptance of the loss of the right of termination, further to the full performance of the contract on behalf of the professional;   

2)  the supply of goods or services, the price of which is connected to fluctuations of the financial market, which the professional is not able to control and that may occur during the termination period;

3)  the supply of tailored or clearly customized goods;  

4)  the supply of goods, which risk deterioration or have a quick expiry

5) the supply of sealed goods, which cannot be returned for hygienic reasons or connected to health protection and have been opened after delivery

6)  the supply of goods, which, upon delivery, due to their nature, are inseparably mixed with other goods;

7)  the supply of sealed audio or video registrations or of sealed computer software, which have been opened upon delivery

8)  the supply of newspapers, periodicals and magazines

9)  contracts agreed during a public auction

Limitation of Liability

Gekoprint shall not be considered responsible towards the client and/or beneficiary of the performance if different, for both direct or indirect damages of any type, deriving from any errors, of any nature, in the print of the file, sent by the client or deriving from the receipt of incorrect material.

In case of print errors, which cannot be ascribed to the user, or of delivery of faulty or damaged product, Gekoprint shall perform exclusively only one re-print of the material; in any case, Gekoprint shall not be held responsible for direct and indirect damages, due to any non-compliant supplies and to unsuccessful and/or delayed delivery of the material.

At delivery, the user shall accurately examine the products received. Any flaws of the goods delivered, print errors or in the packaging of the material, which cannot be ascribed to the user, shall be immediately pointed out to the courier or to customer assistance service. The goods must be collected by signing with a specific check reserve. The user must, then, convey such notice via email to within 8 days from receiving the material. 

Communications and claims

All the communications of the user, relating to the use of the site and for any claims, shall be sent to the e-mail address: and all the communications of Gekoprint Srl to the user shall be sent to the e-mail address, saved during registration.

These Conditions shall be subject to the Italian Law.

For all the orders, placed by subjects, which cannot be qualified as “Consumers”, the court of Padova shall be exclusively competent for all the claims relating to the interpretations and/or execution of this contract.

Mestrino, 12-06-2015


Termini legali

Legal terms

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